# Guide

RnIntentClean is easy to use, but you should have a simple understanding of Magisk.

You can participate in the translation of this application on Crowdin (opens new window).

# Install App

You can download RnIntentClean at Google Play, CoolApk, Document and Github Release.

See: Download App

# Install Modules

RnIntentClean relies on two Magisk modules: Riru - Core and Riru - IFWEnhance.


Your device needs to have a Magisk Framework installed.

Please refer to the device-related forums, which usually have detailed tutorials.

Both modules exist in the Magisk Repo, and you can open the Magisk Manager, find "Download", and search for the installation.

See: Download Modules

For manually downloaded modules, click "+" in the "Modules" to install locally.

After you have installed the "Riru-Core" module, you may need to restart to install the "Riru-IFWEnhance" module again

In any case, you must restart after all the modules have been installed for it to take effect.

# Grant Permission

When RnIntentClean is start, it required Root Permission

If you already have Magisk Framework installed and you already have Root Permission, please click "allow" in the permissions request window that pops up.

If there is no pop-up window, this could be your device killing Magisk Manager, see dontkillmyapp.com (opens new window)

# Clean Share & Open Mode & ...


You can determine the status of the current device directly by the color of the first card:

Cyan: Congratulations, the module should be working normally;

Red: Sorry that the device cannot identify the module, but it does not mean that the module will not work;

Grey: Your device does not have Root or you disallow Root Permissions

After clicking "Share Via…" or "Open With…" or others, a app list will appear. Please select apps you don't want to be shown in the sheet.

Make use of the Select All button. You can choose whether or not to display system applications in the setting.

After the selection, please click the float button in the lower right corner to finish cleaning up.

Note: MIUI users can check "Show System Apps" in the Settings, and then clean up Xiaomi Browser, Xiaomi Video and Xiaomi Music in "Open With…". Cleaning them can make the application list occupying the whole line no longer has "recommended open" when opening the file.

Note that every time you enter "Share Via…" or "Open With…" or others, the cleanup you done last time will all lapse, but the application record you choose will not matter.

If you want to clean up Direct Share, you can find it under Miscellaneous, but it is not available on Android 10+ devices.

# Backup & Restore

Under normal circumstances, If your device supports Google services and already logged in, Android will do an automatic backup

Or you can do a manual backup, please click "Backup & Restore" to use.

As versions change, future versions may not support older versions of the data format.