# Download

User Guide

You can participate in the translation of this application on Crowdin (opens new window).


The latest version of RnIntentClean is 1.0.5, update at 2021/03/10.


Your device needs Android 8.0+ and you need to install Magisk Framework. In general, you need to unlock the BootLoader, see the device-related forums for knowledge.

# Download App

You can get RnIntentClean in the following channels:

Normally, CoolApk channel will be updated the earliest. Google Play channel use App Bundle, so APK is not directly available.

Local Download

Google Play (opens new window)

CoolApk (opens new window)

Github Release (opens new window)

# Download Modules

RnIntentClean relies on two Magisk modules: Riru - Core and Riru - IFWEnhance.


The "Local Download" update of the Magisk modules below is quite random, please go to Github Release to download as much as possible.

About Riru

From 1.0.4, due to the change of detection mode, the module activation detection on the main of RnIntentClean will only display the detection results correctly on the device with Riru - Core 22.0+ installed. Inactive module results will be obtained if is below 22.0+.

# Riru - Core

Developed by RikkaW (opens new window).

Github Release (opens new window)

Local Download v23.9

# Riru - IFWEnhance

Developed by Kr328 (opens new window).

Github Release (opens new window)

Local Download v7