# Changelog

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# 1.0.4 (2020/11/29)

〈Visit Guide (opens new window) for a simple guide〉

Works with Riru - Core v22.0+ and Riru - IFW Enhance v5+.

Using a lower version of Riru may not affect usage, but future development of RnIntentClean will be based on the new version of Riru.

  • Add support for intent "Share Multiple Via" and "Browser"
  • Adjust UI, now support search
  • Support Multi language, add Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), thanks Jia Bin Zhang
  • Module activation check has been changed to work on Riru - Core v22.0+, lower than v22.0 will display inactive module
  • Switch back to Firebase SDK (again...)

Note: Whether or not to use Riru Hide does not affect module detection; Click the Module activation card to view the current version status of the two modules.

# (2020/10/21)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

  • Fix for a big error in v1.0.3 that most people probably didn't see
  • Fixed bug that saving did not take effect

# 1.0.2 (2020/10/04)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

"RnShareClean" is now presented as "RnIntentClean".

Note that this version reconstructs the way the data is stored, so older versions of the data are not compatible (including backup files), and you will need to recheck cleaned applications.

  • Added open mode to clean
  • Added text selection cleanup
  • "Show System Apps" has been moved to the "Settings" page. It is not enabled by default
  • Refactor the data storage mode
  • Interface UI adjustment

# 1.0.1 (2020/09/13)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

  • Fixed Bug with icons in Apps Management.

# 1.0.0 (2020/09/13)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

  • New Appearance.
  • Add identifying the module RnIntentClean need is installed on the device.
  • Add Backup & Restore (Experimental).
  • Add Dark Mode.
  • Add a switch to enable AppCenter or not.
  • Add About Page.

# 0.1.3 (2020/05/17)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

  • [Fixed] Missing application when clicking Show system apps after Share Clean
  • [Misc.] Back to AppCenter

Disable Direct Share may not take effect on Android 10+.

# 0.1.2 (2020/05/15)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

  • [Added] Filter system apps (may cause system instability)
  • [Added] Filter Direct Share (I couldn't test this because my system hasn't been popping up Direct Share. Tester can successfully disable it, but it does not seem to recover after clearing IFW rules)
  • [Optimize] "Select All" icon in the menu

# 0.1.1 (2020/05/14)

〈Read the App's detail carefully before using it〉

  • [Optimized] The application will be locked to the vertical screen to avoid the overload problem caused by screen rotation
  • [Optimized] UI feedback at application completion
  • [Misc.] Analyze/crash service switched from AppCenter to Firebase (AppCenter is really nothing...) (but it resulted in a larger size...)

# 0.1.0 (2020/05/13)

First release, collecting bugs...